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Firearms course for reserves

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Education & Training Questions' started by Q2B, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Q2B

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    Anyone here know of anyone that is approved to teach the 20 hour reserve firearms class or something equivalent? I'm a newly hired reserve officer and the only thing holding me back from starting is the firearms course. I understand there is one being put on in April but I'd prefer to get it done sooner if at all possible. Id also like to know if the training council would accept courses from out of state, such as from Sig academy in NH. I will be sending out an email to the MPTC to see if they can be of any assistance.......... Just figured I'd check here first. Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Goose

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  3. Q2B

    Q2B MassCops Member

    That's the same course I saw being offered this coming April.....unfortunately they do not have anything planned for sooner.
  4. Pvt. Cowboy

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    Would an MPTC instructor be able to do the class one on one?
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    Technically, Level 1 MPTC instructors can only instruct for qualification, their own Department(s) that they work for. Only Level 2 Instructors can teach academy-level course of instruction/qualification....
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    Q2B - DM sent

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