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Firearm sale question

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Ok. Since the AG's Mass Compliance regulations do not apply to guns purhased under a LEO's Badge / ID, can it later be sold to a non-LEO mass resident?

I am thinking 'yes' becasue the AG's regulations only apply to transfer of guns from an FFL to a gun owner (necessary for any out-of-state gun purchase), and do not person-to-person in-state purchases that are reported on the FA10 form by the origional gun owner.

Thanks in advance....
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Things are so crystal-clear eh?

Pablo, a dept. does not "blue card" a firearm to an individual. (FA-10 is big and white last time I looked) And plenty of persons out here are buying non-compliant duty guns from in-state sources (Licensed Dealers)
on letterhead everyday.

It is not legal for somebody to buy a new, non-compliant Glock 27 for off-duty use without letterhead. It does happen, but the dealer can get his ass-chewed for it by Reilly.

Bottom line is the 1998 B.S. is GARBAGE!!! I don't profess to know all this crap, but many of you have no problem preaching rumors and questionable practices as gospel.
LenS";p="67337 said:

See my post of June 7th in this thread.

Ergo, LEOs can buy Glocks on letterhead legally.
Like we've been saying..............some dealers are selling non-compliant glocks to individual officers. Without the Official letterhead stating it's purpose (Duty, off-duty) it is ILLEGAL!

Glock in Smyrna GA doesn't care about MGL in so far as letterhead v. Police I.D. EVERYTHING falls to the dealer...........................The FFL Dealer is responsible for ensuring the purchaser is qualified under Federal and State/local laws. Not the purchaser or the manufacturer.
In Massachusetts for Officer Jones to walk into Billy's Guns and purchase a new Glock 27 presenting his valid police ID and Billy photocopies it "for Glock", without a letterhead from the department, doesn't cut it.
:-kSales of handguns in Massachusetts are subject to the Chapter 180 laws AND the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Regulations. The laws and regulations are not plain and simple. Basically the go like this:

New handguns can only be sold if they are on the APPROVED ROSTER LIST and meet the Attorney Generals regulations.


Most SIG, S&W, Beretta, Walther and the Seecamp .32 can be sold as new models because they are on The List and comply with the AG's regs. (See requirements below)

If a handgun is on the Roster List it does not necessarily meet the Consumer Protection regulations,

For example: New Glocks are on the Roster List but are NOT in compliance with the REGULATIONS

therefore they can't be sold as new. The same goes for Para-Ordnance, Kahr, Ruger semi-auto pistols and others.
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