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Firearm sale question

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Ok. Since the AG's Mass Compliance regulations do not apply to guns purhased under a LEO's Badge / ID, can it later be sold to a non-LEO mass resident?

I am thinking 'yes' becasue the AG's regulations only apply to transfer of guns from an FFL to a gun owner (necessary for any out-of-state gun purchase), and do not person-to-person in-state purchases that are reported on the FA10 form by the origional gun owner.

Thanks in advance....
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Come on down to Florida, all you need is a FLA drivers license to buy a gun. No permit is required to have a firearm in your home OR vehicle!!!
LenS";p="67264 said:
There are more places in FL that you can't legally carry a gun than in MA (only schools/colleges are restricted by law in MA . . . private business or municipal/court security rules do not count).
Where can't I carry my gun in FLA????
LenS";p="67360 said:
FL prohibits carrying firearms in a police station!
I don't know off-hand (I'd need to research the FL laws again and I'll only do that if I ever intend to head down there again) if CCW is allowed at sporting events, public buildings, restaurants that serve alcohol, etc. in FL since I didn't take it with me in 2003 when I stayed in Boca Raton for 2 weeks.
As a law enforcement officer, you can carry anywhere in FLA, I know I do :wink:
LenS crafter, next time you come to FLA, call me and we'll take care of you :wink:

Stay safe!!
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