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Firearm sale question

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Ok. Since the AG's Mass Compliance regulations do not apply to guns purhased under a LEO's Badge / ID, can it later be sold to a non-LEO mass resident?

I am thinking 'yes' becasue the AG's regulations only apply to transfer of guns from an FFL to a gun owner (necessary for any out-of-state gun purchase), and do not person-to-person in-state purchases that are reported on the FA10 form by the origional gun owner.

Thanks in advance....
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the exemption is for depts only. individual officers to purchse a gun not on the list have to have the gun shipped to the dept.the dept then can blue card the weapon to the officer.For a dept to get a weapon not on the list, the dept must purchse it from an out of state dealer. My agency is currently dealing with this B.S. as our issue gun is not on the approved roaster. Depts in my area that are carrying sigs with Dak triggers, all got them from out of state dealers.
The way they do it is to have the purchase go through there california office.I was told they would not due it for an individual Officer Purchase, Dept only.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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