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Firearm sale question

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Ok. Since the AG's Mass Compliance regulations do not apply to guns purhased under a LEO's Badge / ID, can it later be sold to a non-LEO mass resident?

I am thinking 'yes' becasue the AG's regulations only apply to transfer of guns from an FFL to a gun owner (necessary for any out-of-state gun purchase), and do not person-to-person in-state purchases that are reported on the FA10 form by the origional gun owner.

Thanks in advance....
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I suppose it would take a miracle to ever get these laws changed in oh so liberal MA. I hope to hell Rielly doesn't come close to winning in a governors race.

LenS, I have a Taurus question for you..... do you know if the Millenium model was sold in MA prior to 98?

LenS";p="66835 said:
John, The AG is the singular reason why MOST mfrs will NOT submit their guns for MA approval, yet they get CA approval. The testing is very similar so that there is only an incremental cost difference to get tested to both states' standards.

Problem lies with AG REFUSING to tell mfr if their gun meets his requirements (which are sorta fuzzy). Thus they have made a business decision that the risk of lawsuits from AG and fines makes it NOT worthwhile to do business here.

I personally spoke with the National Sales Manager of Taurus and he told me that he sent a team of lawyers to meet with the AG. After getting stonewalled by the AG, they made a business decision that they do NOT want ANY of their guns shipped into MA!

Can't say that I blame them.
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