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just curious if anyone was aware of where I could look to find training on how to lift fingerprints? I have looked in the LEAPS Seminar listing, but I haven't seen anything offered in a few months. Thanks!

Posted Thu 19 Aug, 2004 07:01:

ask and you shall recieve.... i just found a posting on LEAPS for Latent Fingerprint recovery. Anyone intersted, 5 day classes are being offered in January/February at Wilmington, Yarmouth and Belchertown PDs. $585.00

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Re: Fingerprinting? [DUST N' BUST]


This Twenty-four (24) Hour Three Day, Hands-on Training Course will provide the Law Enforcement Officer the fundamental techniques necessary to obtain complete and legible inked finger and palm impressions. The officer will also acquire skills in the proper recovery of latent finger and palm impressions at the crime scene. In addition, the officer will be introduced to proper methods in Crime Scene Administration and Management and Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence. It is noted that this course is a preliminary introduction to Crime Scene Investigation designed to give, newly assigned Detectives and Patrol Officers tasked to conducting crime scene investigations, a fundamental knowledge of Crime Scene Investigation techniques.

Course Schedule

Day One: Fingerprinting Techniques and Classification

Fingerprint Pattern Recognition
Acquiring Inked Finger and Palm Impressions
Palm Print Identification
Introduction to Electronic Fingerprint Capture Devices
Introduction to Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
Day Two: Latent Fingerprint Recovery Techniques
Visual Examination of Latent Impressions
Preserving Latent Impressions with Cyanoacrylate (super glue)
Photographing of Latent Impressions
Recovering and Lifting Latent Impressions
Recovery of Patent (three dimensional) Finger and Palm Impressions
Processing vehicles for Latent Impressions
Utilizing Alternate Light Sources, Fluorescing Powders and Dye Stains
Submission of required projects by class members
set of inked finger and palm impressions
photographs and lifts of latent impressions
Day Three: Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation (cont.)

Crime Scene Administration, Management and Documentation
Trace Evidence Recovery (Hair, Fiber, Blood, Semen, Soil, etc.)
Recovery of Two and Three Dimensional Shoe and Tire Impression Evidence
Class Critique and granting of certificates

Charlie Walsh
Chief Executive Associate
Forensic Consulting Associates of New England LLC
P.O. Box 6008
Manchester, N.H. 03108

Toll Free:
Phone: 603-661-0890
Fax: 603-218-6330
E-Mail: [email protected]

Drew Webb
Chief Operation Associate
Forensic Consulting Associates of New England LLC
PO Box 6008
Manchester, NH 03108

Office Phone: 603-898-6235
Cell Phone: 508-662-4900
Fax: 603-251-0392
E-mail: [email protected]
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