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Finally a suit to be worn in the shower

BUSY executives need no longer waste time by showering nude - an Australian company has invented a suit that can be worn while they wash.
The garment has been specially designed so that it can be cleaned under the showerhead.
There is no need for soaking, dry cleaning - or even soap.
The Japanese market has taken a liking to the "shower suit'', described as "revolutionary'' by its owner Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).
Orders have been placed for 170,000 of the woollen garments.
The suit could be worn in the shower, although it was probably better to drape it on a clothes hanger and carry it instead, AWI corporate affairs spokesman Stephen Feighan said.
"The idea is that you hang it up and then ... you give it a spray, and leave it overnight, and it's dry the next morning,'' Mr Feighan said.
A Japanese researcher working for AWI invented the suit by combining three technologies.
The secret is minimal lining, which allows the suit to dry quickly.
The shower suit appealed to busy corporate people, particularly those who travelled frequently or stayed up late, Mr Feighan said.
The airline industry also was interested.
Mr Feighan confessed he had not donned one of the suits yet, or tried to wash it in the shower, because they were cut to fit Japanese figures.
AWI believes the shower suit will spread from the Japanese market through Europe and India.
Mr Feighan hoped the suit, made from local wool, would be available in Australia in 12 to 18 months' time.
AWI is the research and marketing body which represents Australian woolgrowers.,23599,24384047-13762,00.html
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