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FHP pulls over Miami PD cruiser for speeding

Discussion in 'Idiot News Articles' started by PBC FL Cop, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. MSP75

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    The only time I pulled over and gave an LEO a hard time was when an ATF agent got bitchy with me. It was an unmarked SUV with an expired registration sticker. I would have said "Nice to meet ya, carry on", but the first words out if his mouth when I walked up were, "What the [email protected]#."
    I stated my telepathic powers were on the fritz today.
    Every officer I meet gets my respect no matter how much our political masters play games with budgets & rationalization.

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  2. BrickCop

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    Lucky thing you didn't cite him or he'd come after you for that clandestine tobacco farm and moonshine still.
  3. MSP75

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    Keep that on the down low. These are some tough economic times.

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  4. Johnny Law

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    Can't Understand Normal Thinking

    Really, she pulls her weapon on a guy who is clearly a cop? For speeding? Go piss up a rope, you dizzy bitch.
  5. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    FHP, for whatever reason, have always had a different philosophy when it comes to professional courtesy. I heard all the stories when I moved here about FHP but I never wanted to believe them until I saw first hand how they deal with fellow officers as well as fellow troopers. We had an FHP Cpl teaching at the academy who bragged about the number of cops he has written in his career. I know troopers who have been cited by other troopers. I couldn't tell you how many other officers, deputys and agents that have been cited, in and out of uniform by FHP. I have always had a belief that law enforcement is a brother/sisterhood and have lived by that code, its just unfortunate others do not.
  6. SgtAndySipowicz

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  7. CJIS

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    Yikes if people pulled over that way here there would be massive amounts of death and chaos on the highways... Not that there is not that already.

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    Seems the tin blue line down there is almost a little too thin.
  8. Deuce

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    120 cuz you're late for an off duty gig? Pretty f-ing stupid in my book. What she did was dumb too. They shoulda just tasered each other and been done with it...
  9. HuskyH-2

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  10. Bloodhound

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    I had a similar experience with a different Secret Squirrel agency. Guy was driving like a lunatic through red lights, cutting off cars (including me), etc in a shitbox minivan with no lights/siren. I stopped him and got an earful of attitude while he tells me "WTF I have an emergency" somewhere. I don't get it.
  11. BrickCop

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    As recruits you obviously couldn't say anything to the bragging corporal in response...what a douche. You'd think they'd at least draw the line at citing their own guys. That has to be awkward that the trooper backing you up on today's m/v stop was the same one you ticketed for speeding the day before. How do the respective local agencies treat the FHP when they're on the other end of a stop? I am assuming FHP take their crusiers home and there have been instances where they were stopped on their way to/from work(?)

    Apparently in FL there aren't many speeding residents, tourists and unlicensed illegal immigrant drivers to focus on.
  12. HuskyH-2

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  13. PBC FL Cop

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    It was a comparative compliance course, which means the "recruits" had all been cops prior to relocating to Florida. The FHP Cpl was informed of what we all thought of his and FHP's thought process in reference to ticketing LEO's. He only taught 1, four hour block of instruction, we never saw that useless....Cpl....again.

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    FHP do have take home vehicles, but I've never heard of an instance where they were cited for speeding by a deputy or officer. Maybe cops who answer a million calls for service a year don't get too excited about speeders, especially when they have blue lights on their roof.
  14. honor12900

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    What a douche bag ordering a fellow officer out of a marked police car at gun point. Hopefully she gets the same treatment when the shoe is on the other foot.
  15. Delta784

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    Imagine the hilarity if he called in an OT, stating a fake FHP Trooper was pointing a gun at him, and a dozen Miami PD cars came sliding up sideways.
  16. 263FPD

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  17. kwflatbed

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    FHP is no friend to the truck drivers either.
  18. ohiocop

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    Ok, so I normally don't post on blog sites, but this one has really struck a nerve... In my 17 years of law enforcement I have never seen this type of overreaction to a speeding violation. I have seen the general attitude on some of the reality shows showcasing FHP Troopers, but to pull the MPD officer out at gunpoint, yell and scream at him, and then detain him????? Who lost control of their emotions? I'll agree that 120 is probably excessive; however, it was not heavily congested and I question the MPD officer's *willful* disregard for public safety. We are all trained in emergency vehicle operations, and we all travel at high speeds on numerous occasions. I have personally had days where it seemed all I stopped were other cops (off duty of course), and I never reacted the way this Trooper did. This isn't confined to FL because the video is all over the news. It really paints LEO's across the country in a bad light. Since when did we start treating other police officers who are in uniform and driving a marked car like any other motorist on the highway? Bad decision by the MPD officer to drive that fast, but an even worse decision by the Trooper who decided to handle it herself. If she really thought that the MPD officer's driving was that egregious, then get the car number, tell your supervisor, and let them handle it with MPD. Or, call MPD communications to contact the patrol car, or use the statewide radio network to do it yourself. I think the MPD officer handled it well, despite the antagonistic behavior of the Trooper. I don't know that it would have went the same way had it been one of my officers, or one of the Troopers we work with/backup on a daily basis. I guess when all you do is work traffic all day long, you tend to lose sight of the seriousness of the violations. I supervised our traffic homicide section for several years, and this trooper obviously did not keep things in perspective. But then again, the in car video says it's 6:30 p.m. - 2nd shift - how long has the Trooper been a cop? Maybe she will settle down with some time and experience. Just my $.02...
  19. DEI8

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    Nice first post. Stick around and enjoy..
  20. PBC FL Cop

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    And now you know why...
  21. LA Copper

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    I've had a few similar experiences with both local and federal agencies. On each occasion, the occupants were conducting a surveillance, which explained their crazy driving. I did the same when I worked a short surveillance stint back in the mid 90s. It's the only way to keep up with the bad guy without being "made."

    As for this incident, I agree with most folks here. The Miami officer was foolish to drive the way he was. We're supposed to set the example, not abuse our authority, which I believe he was doing. If he was on his way to an emergency then fine, but since he wasn't, he was wrong.

    On the other hand, the trooper was in over her head. She definitely over reacted. If she thought the patrol car was stolen, then her tactics approaching the car once it stopped were terrible. Like my brethren in the CHP, this type of incident is their version of a "traffic felony," which is why they're called "Highway Patrol" and not "State Police," there is a difference.

    If she thought this guy was out of control, then she should have made a call to a Miami PD supervisor and let them know about it. Now it's all over the news nationwide and we all look foolish.
  22. PBC FL Cop

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  23. PBC FL Cop

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    This was all over the news today...

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    I don't know if you want to read the 343 comments on the page. Miami Police Officer Caught Driving 120 mph - Miami News Story - WPLG Miami All most every one of them are anti-police. They bash the Miami police officer and support the FHP trooper's actions. Wait, I am confused!!! So I guess it would be considered pro-police.:unsure: As I have said before many times. "We are our own worst enemies at times."
  25. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    The general law enforcement perspective is that they are sickened by the troopers actions and I'm she is known for pulling over marked cruisers and citing them for speeding. The FHP people I know are embarrassed and quickly distance themselves from her actions.

    The general public feelings are mixed, however they all seem to get excited thinking about a police officer being ticketed for speeding, which is why this type of action is unacceptable...

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    I stopped reading those comments years ago after reading the ones in reference to a police officer being shot and killed. The comments had me so enraged I couldn't see straight. Haven't read them since. Thanks for the heads up, you probably added a good 10 years to my life :smug:

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