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A mother lost her fetus and a woman died Monday after a crash involving a police cruiser that injured six other people.
The cruiser collided with a Ford Escort station wagon at Northwest Eighth Street and Third Avenue at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.
"What happened, they hit it. It was a bad scene," said witness Al Bryant. "The lady was out on the ground and there was a pregnant girl in the car."
A witness said the police cruiser had its lights on but not the siren, NBC 6's Steve Litz reported.
In a news conference on Monday, police said the cruiser had both its emergency lights and its siren going at the time of the crash.
“We have interviewed witnesses, which are civilians … independent witnesses who confirmed that this police officer did have both lights and sirens on as he approached this intersection,” Detective Willie Moreno of the Miami Police Department said.
Police said the two police officers in the cruiser were responding to a call of an officer in need of help.
Police said the driver of the Ford failed to yield to the police car, but family members of the deceased see the incident differently.
“We’ll determine that in court, when we meet in court,” a family member said. “Our family is very serious. We’ve had two lives lost on this occasion and it’s sad.”
Witnesses said police officers were treated first, but Miami-Fire Rescue deny the claims.
“No preferential treatment was given last night,” Lt. Ignatius Carrol said. “Everybody was pretty much transported around the same time, which means everybody received the same treatment.”
A total of seven people were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. A woman from the station wagon later died and the pregnant mother’s fetus also died.
One of the police officers suffered a possible broken leg. The pregnant woman in the station wagon was knocked into its cargo area, Litz reported. She is on life support.
Police said there would be an investigation into the crash to determine if the police officers were following proper procedures on the road.
There was no word on how the crash happened or who caused it.

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