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Female Jogger Spit On, Pushed During Apparent Safety Warning

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A woman jogging on the University of Central Florida campus was pushed to the ground,
told she shouldn't be running in the area and then spit on by an unknown man, university police said.

The victim was on the Apollo Circle sidewalk near the Arboretum when she told officers that she noticed a "dark figure."

She said the "very skinny" man with shaggy hair knocked to her to the ground and told her that she should not be
running around the area at night, a police news release said.

The victim said after the warning, the man ran into the Arboretum and vanished.

The UCF Police Department warned joggers to stay in familiar, well-lighted areas, walk midpoint between curbs
and buildings and away from alleys and bushes. Students were also urged to tell someone where they planned
on jogging and always focus on their surroundings.
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