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Female deputy dragged, killed by suspect

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    The Associated Press

    THIBODAUX, La. — A 53-year-old Lafourche Parish sheriff’s deputy died after she was run over by a car while investigating a burglary at a convenience store. Deputy say they have a suspect in custody.
    Martha Woods Shareef, a 15-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, was dispatched to the store early today.
    Deputies says Shareef confronted a suspect and dispatchers heard a loud scream over her mobile radio.
    A store employee’s voice came over the radio next, telling dispatchers Shareef had been injured. The deputy was later pronounced dead at a Thibodaux hospital.
    The store employee gave authorities a description of the suspect’s vehicle.
    State police spotted and pursued until the car wrecked on Louisiana 1 south of Thibodaux. The suspect swam across Bayou Lafourche and was spotted climbing up the opposite bank.
    He was found about 4 hours later hiding underneath a house on Louisiana Highway 308.

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    Hiding under a house...you fucking little coward....what happend to the tough guy ..I hope they fry that little bastard..

    Rest In Peace Deputy..
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