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Feds: Fake cop scammed dates

Discussion in 'Police Impersonation News' started by Tango, Jan 28, 2011.

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    State police dogs eventually tracked him to the Dedham Public Library, where he was “logged onto a computer chatting with members of www.masscops.com, a locally-run website for the Masschusetts law enforcement community, and stating that he was a U.S. Marshal” and trying to arrange a date, officials said.
  3. How in the world was he able to cash a check just by flashing a badge??? Sounds like there was more than one idiot in this news.
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    This kid has done this before...

    Man charged with impersonating officer
    By Associated Press
    Saturday, December 4, 2004

    NORTH ANDOVER -- Eric Williams had police badges, handcuffs and replica police pistols. Neighbors said he wore a SWAT uniform and even had an unmarked cruiser with flashing red-and-blue lights and a police license plate.

    Even his girlfriend believed the 22-year-old was a deputy sheriff in Norfolk County, investigators say.

    But Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti told the Eagle-Tribune that Williams' only affiliation with his department was as an inmate in the county jail.

    "He can't be dealing in reality if he doesn't think this wasn't going to be discovered," Bellotti told the newspaper.

    Police said they plan to charge Williams with impersonating an officer. He's currently out on bail on an unrelated motor vehicle larceny charge.

    "I never represented myself as a police officer or impersonated a police officer," Williams said.

    He said he outfitted the car -- a former Michigan State Police cruiser that he bought in New Hampshire -- to sell it on the Internet. He said he got the license plate from a sheriff's department employee in exchange for a Red Sox ticket.

    But police say the plate was stolen from a sheriff's department vehicle.

    Williams, who was released from the county jail in March, has a lengthy criminal record that includes stealing cars and assaulting a police officer, Bellotti said.
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    Tripped up by tall tales

    An alleged fed wannabe charged with ripping off Craigslist dates from New Hampshire to Dedham falsely claimed to be on a popular cop show and wove fantastic tales about being a gung-ho fugitive hunter who broke down the doors of perverts in raids, one of his alleged victims told the Herald.

    “He talked about using his shield and wearing his flak jacket and going out in the middle of the night, busting down doors to arrest pedophiles. It was ridiculous,” said the alleged victim of accused cop impersonator Eric Williams.

    Tripped up by tall tales - BostonHerald.com

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    Well, he is right, he my have impersonated a Deputy Sheriff, but not a police officer. They must have dropped the charges 'cause they would have had to charge Glodis, DiPaola etc... with impersonating a police officer too
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    Same statute;

    General Laws: CHAPTER 268, Section 33

    In any case, if I were going to lie about my job, I'd pick something a LOT more glamourous than being a cop.....say, thoracic surgeon....go big or go home!
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    "I'm just a cook," worked pretty good for me...
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    When I first opened this thread I thought Mikey B was active again. But then again Mikey doesn't date women.
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    Why the need for all the wacker paraphernalia when you're a "sandwich artist." Come on! I love sandwiches, he'd "have me at hello."
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    Something tells me that the sandwich boy wasn't packing a foot long, so he was simply compensating for the lack of deli meat when he was pretending to be the big bad fugitive hunter. At least he has the skills to man the prison cafe sandwich assembly line.
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    The man sandwich...he's going to be the jam in Bubba's jelly roll.
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    Wonder if he will tell his fellow inmates that he is a cop.:rolleyes:

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