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FEDS & Chapter 90

Discussion in 'Federal Agencies' started by Dragnet, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. nevrehc

    nevrehc MassCops Member

    do feds have to fill out a profile form if they stop a vehicle in ma?
  2. Pinkos307

    Pinkos307 MassCops Member

  3. DoD102

    DoD102 MassCops Member

    :) Do municipalities still do those ridiculous things? What a waste of time those were.!!
  4. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    You must be thinking of Special Agents still because a uniformed 0083 Police Officer does the same job on Federal Property as any other municipal Police Officer in there town/city. As a police officer you know that motor vehicle law is just part of the job.
  5. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    I wasn't thinking of anything. I was just answering the original question...:cool:
  6. vaspo

    vaspo New Member

    The FCR has provisions in it for motor vehical traffic, but it mainly deals with motor vehicle carriers. Such as truck transport, especially when dealing with HAZMAT.
  7. FAPD

    FAPD MassCops Member

    DODK911 you seem to have a lot of knowledge of federal traffic violations. How many CVN's do you write on average in a week? We use the federal magistrates in Boston. Where do you have your hearings at?
  8. RumRunner

    RumRunner MassCops Member

    oh man I hope they are doing better things than stopping for MV violations, but a good question anyway.
  9. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    What would you have Federal Police Officers do? What better things did you have in mind? As stated up above, depending on your angency, but most are and do the same work as a town or city cop. Writing citations for traffic offences is part of the job just like responding to medicals, MVA's, and domestics. Should we be doing other things then that as well? As for the citations they are processed through Hanscom Federal Magistrate. The number of citations issued depends on how motivated the officers are, just like any other PD.
  10. RumRunner

    RumRunner MassCops Member

    I'd like to know that "real" Feds (FBI, DEA, USMS) are doing more important things than MV stops for broken tail lights.

    Now... Here is a question for DODK911
    As for processing your citations out of Hanscom... Even the SP's out at Hanscom process their violations out of the US District Court Worcester call (781) 377-2315 and ask them yourself. SO... how do you take your's out to Hanscom when there is no longer a US Magistrate out there to hear them?ahhhhhahahahah LIAR!

    There are only 3 US District Courts in MA... Boston, Worcester, and Springfield.
  11. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Ouch! Owned!!!
  12. Inspector71

    Inspector71 Duke of Campus Police


    sounds like DODGay9 is busy with "MVA's and Domestics" Sounds like a very busy installation with concurrent jurisdiction. I wonder which one that would be?
  13. RumRunner

    RumRunner MassCops Member

    ahhhhahahahah roflmao

    now that we flamed the dod guy
    are there any other Feds who have an opinon on this issue before its gets too far off topic.
  14. jndaniel

    jndaniel New Member

    If City of Boston was smart they should (I think FPS already has) set up MOU's with Federal Police Officers (0083 and/or Park Rangers) within the city to give them Boston citation books and Boston would collect all the revenue and the officers would still get credit for ticket writing and lock-ups.
  15. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    If Hanscom doesnt have a magistrate any more then its only changed with in the last year or so. The last I knew they used Hanscom. Obviously that changed, I don't need to call the courts because I really don't care where Hanscom processes their citations.
  16. ArchAngel2

    ArchAngel2 Grand Admin Commander

    :BM: ouch....BURNED
  17. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    can anyone cite the law for impersonating a federal officer?
  18. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    So you've done nothing in a year or so?
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  19. jndaniel

    jndaniel New Member

    Its in the Title 18 code chapter 43 can't recall the exact section somewhere around 910 and/or 915
  20. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

  21. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    No, currently we cannot issue 1805's/CVN's, we can only issue 1408's (citations that dont cost money for each offense, but after 3 citations you lose your driving privalages for 90 days).
  22. Pinkos307

    Pinkos307 MassCops Member

    In the city we do MV stops. We are not out there hunting for mv infractions but if it happens in front of me, I will do what I need to do. As someone stated above, some of the best cases come from a MV stop.

    As far as issuing citations (someone mentioned), we can issue collateral fines. But we do not see a $$ of any collateral fine we issue. All federal fines go towards some general fund in the federal gov't. It states this right on the back of the ticket.

    We use the Moakley Courthouse in S. Boston. I know the Rangers out at Minuteman NHS (Concord and Lincoln, right next to Hanscom) go out to Worcester for court.
  23. jndaniel

    jndaniel New Member

    For you fed officers (0083) if you make a lock-up just contact the AUSA and they will be the ones to determine what all you can charge them with. When I get a lock-up I take them straight to the pokey, call the AUSA tell them I have a customer for them and what I initially brought them in for and walk straight the hell and go back to work. Just tell me when the court date is.
  24. Inspector71

    Inspector71 Duke of Campus Police

    So you don't process any real citations at all then? What if you get a OUI? will you call the MSP? I assume you call them for all your "domestics" as well?
  25. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    Of course you would assume that because you are an ASS! No, you are wrong, we do not call or use the State Police, ever. You people want to tear me up because I thought that citations were still being processed at one place, but now they are processed somewhere else, but you people never have your facts straight and run your mouth constantly about crap you have no idea about. Atleast when I do make a post (which is not often) I am honest and have a clue (made a mistake on court) about what I am talking about to give people who care the information they asked about. You should try that before opening your mouths.

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