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BOSTON (AP) -- New FBI tapes are shedding light on a North End crime boss' alleged role in a $6 million plot to scam the Big Dig and a Chelmsford man's involvement in implicating the crime boss known as "The Cheeseman.''
Carmen "The Cheeseman'' DiNunzi, 51, of East Boston, owner of a North End cheese shop, has been charged with conspiracy to commit bribery. He is accused of trying to bribe an undercover FBI agent in a bid to secure a $6 million contract to provide 300,000 cubic yards of loam for the Big Dig.
Andrew Marino, 42, a Chelmsford loam supplier, who is also under indictment, was recorded by the FBI on Nov. 14, 2006. In the recording Marino is allegedly implicating DiNunzio to a federal informant, according to a newly-released affidavit by Special Agent Michael J. Kelly of the FBI Boston's organized crime squad.
Marino is alleged to have told the informant that DiNunzi had "the Big Dig guys, the inspectors, in their pockets."
The FBI has DiNunzio on tape assuring the undercover agent that he would make sure his associates, Marino, and Anthony D'Amore, 55, of Revere, delivered the loam as promised.
The loam contract being sought by DiNunzio and the others apparently was intended for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, almost eight acres of park and open space snaking through downtown Boston on the footprint of the old Central Artery.
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