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FBI Agent Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer

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    FBI Agent Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer
    Matt Campbell
    KANSAS -- An FBI agent who was a first responder to the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon died Thursday of brain cancer.

    Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow, 48, served in the Washington Field Office of the FBI prior to being assigned to the Kansas City Field Office. In Washington, Morrow was a member of the Evidence Response Team.

    Her death is classified as a line-of-duty death because of her exposure to contaminants at the Pentagon and as a first responder in 2013 to a six-alarm fire in a warehouse fire in Alexandria, Va. The warehouse held evidence from the terrorist plane crash into the Pentagon. In all, Morrow spent 10 weeks sifting through evidence from the attac...


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