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Father Jailed after 11 Year Old Driver Crashes

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- A man finds himself in jail Tuesday after teaching his son how to drive a bit too soon.
28-year-old Derrick Johnson was teaching his 11-year-old son how to drive in the parking lot of an apartment complex when things went terribly wrong.
The young driver lost control of the automobile, hitting four cars and a man.
The man, Anthony Morgan was walking through the parking lot when he saw the car heading toward a one year old child. Morgan pushed the baby out of harms way, putting himself in danger. He was struck by the car, leaving him with back and neck injuries.
Both the father and son both fled the scene of the crime.
Johnson was found at the Stoneybrook Apartment complex in Riviera Beach. He was arrested on outstanding warrants as well as charges of fleeing the scene of a crash and child neglect.
The 11-year-old driver ran into the apartment complex and has not been found.
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