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Fashion show winner floored by snakebite

A woman voted best-dressed at a fashion contest was unable to collect her prize after she was bitten by a deadly snake.

Megan McDonough won the award at a horse race meeting at Hamilton in the Australian state of Victoria.

But the bite on the foot from a Tiger snake stopped her stepping on to the stage to take the plaudits.

Hamilton Racing Club secretary John Donnelly said: "The judging had just been concluded.

"They were just giving them a final parade. And unfortunately Megan got bit on the foot."

Tiger snakes are common in south-eastern Australia during warm months and are among the world's deadliest snakes.

Symptoms of a bite include localised pain, numbness and sweating, followed rapidly by breathing difficulties and paralysis.

Of the world's ten deadliest snakes, all are found in Australia, and the country has about 100 venomous varieties.

Donnelly said the woman was taken to hospital and was recovering well.
"I've knocked around race courses a long time, and seen lots of things happen, but this is a first for me," he added.
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