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Farmer's 175 mile trip - by combine

A German farmer caused traffic chaos after setting off on a 175-mile trip to visit a pal - in a combine harvester.

Arnold Gerber, 28, from Altenkirchen, set off in the evening to avoid heavy traffic but soon caused a five mile tailback himself.

He was stopped by police 30 miles into his journey and fined for driving too slowly - at the harvester's top speed of 15mph.

Gerber said: "I took the combine harvester because I have never had a licence for a car, only a tractor. I did not think I would be doing anything wrong.

"I have a friend who lives a long way away and he asked if I wanted to go and see him. I have been driving combine harvesters for years and have to take them along some roads now and again.

"I know they are slow-moving vehicles but I thought I could miss most of the traffic by travelling at night. I was wrong."
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