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Farmer knocked himself out - for 11 hours

A Chinese farmer accidentally knocked himself out for 11 hours when he was supposed to be anaesthetising deer.
Liu, 45, of Chongqing, used a strong animal anaesthetic to tranquillise the deer at his farm so he could harvest their
antlers for Chinese medicine.

After administering a shot to one deer, Liu noticed anaesthetic dripping from the needle and used his hand to wipe it dry.
"By accident he poked his skin with the needle, and some anaesthetic was absorbed into his body," said his wife.

Seconds later, Liu collapsed to the ground, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.
His family and farm workers immediately took him to a nearby hospital which transferred him to the city's emergency
centre because doctors didn't know the composition of the anaesthetic.

After contacting the vets at the city zoo, the centre gave Liu detoxification treatment and then kept him in intensive
care for observation.

Liu finally woke up 11 hours after the accidental shot. Doctors said the anaesthetic was so strong it could have knocked
out an elephant in less than a minute.
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