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Family Warns Others About Net-Based Calls To 911
Customers Must Activate Emergency Option On Internet Telephone Service

POSTED: 6:28 am PST March 15, 2005

HOUSTON -- A Houston pastor and his family experienced a 911 nightmare when their Internet-based telephone service did not allow them to call the emergency number, Houston television station KPRC reported Monday in an exclusive story.


Failed 911 Call Puts Parents' Lives On Line

Two armed robbers forced their way into Peter Johns southwest Harris County home demanding money.

However, as their daughter called 911, instead of being connected to an operator, she got a recording that said no emergency dispatch would be sent to their home and to call from another phone.

John and his wife were shot during the robbery.

The family told the station they were unaware that they could not call 911 with their phone service without activating it first.

The Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network will launch a new campaign Tuesday to inform Internet-based telephone customers about the dialing problems.
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