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BEVERLY — The family of an elderly Beverly woman has filed a lawsuit against a local ambulance company claiming that, three years ago, her guerney rolled away from an ambulance crew outside Beverly Hospital and crashed.
Antonia Astolfi was an 83-year-old patient at the hospital on Oct. 1, 2005, when she was to be taken to a nursing home by Northshore Ambulance.
Astolfi, who spent her entire life in Beverly except for time in the WACs during World War II, was being treated for a spinal fracture and had to be moved to the ambulance on a stretcher, according to the lawsuit, filed Friday in Salem Superior Court.
At some point the stretcher was left on an incline outside the hospital, with the 83-year-old woman strapped down on it, the lawsuit alleges.
The lawsuit alleges that the ambulance employees turned away and the stretcher began rolling down the incline, then toppled over, leaving Astolfi with a broken arm and bruises on her forehead. She spent another 12 days in the hospital.
Astolfi died the following year from unrelated causes.
The lawsuit is seeking $8,452 in medical expenses.
Bob Dionne, who owns Salem-based Northshore Ambulance, did not own the company at the time but said the allegations are in dispute.
He said yesterday he does not believe the patient was left unattended and said the stretcher did not go down an incline. The version of events described in the lawsuit, he said, would have led to far more devastating injuries.
No hearing date has been set.
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