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By John Moss
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Nov 06, 2008 @ 10:29 PM

Fall River -

Another incident of either fallen or thrown debris onto a motor vehicle traveling under Government Center has been reported to police.
Sgt. Paul Bernier said Thursday that on Monday about 4 p.m., a city police undercover vehicle was struck by debris on eastbound Interstate 195.
"The operator heard a loud thud from something hitting the roof," Bernier said. A dent was subsequently found in the vehicle's roof. Nobody was injured.
Bernier said state police and MassHighway were notified.
After an inspection, MassHighway officials told police that engineers were unable to find where any debris could have fallen, Bernier said.
The MassHighway crew did find other debris on the side of the highway, but they were not able to confirm whether it was the same debris that struck the Police Department's vehicle.
The incident was the second of its kind in the same area in less than two weeks.
On Oct. 25, a Little Compton, R.I., woman was seriously injured by a heavy piece of concrete that crashed through her windshield as she drove under Government Center on eastbound I-195.
State police reported that Sheila Quinton, 53, was hit by the object that may have been thrown from Gromada Plaza above the highway. The plaza is just west of Government Center.
The woman has since been released from Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, and is recovering from her injuries at home.
State police are continuing to investigate that incident.
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