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GateHouse News Service
Posted Jul 20, 2008 @ 09:37 PM

Police have made the following arrests:

Fall River
Jesse Robertson, 31, 229 Brightman St., charged with possession of a Class B drug, fugitive from justice, possession of firearm without FID card, possession of ammunition without FID card, defacing firearm serial number.

Derek T. Monast, 21, 71 Stafford Road, charged with possession to distribute a Class D drug, possession to distribute a Class D drug in a school zone.

Fernando M. Pereira, 50, 20 Meadow St., charged with assault and battery, threat to commit a crime, intimidating a witness.

Mark R. Worster, 38, of New Bedford, charged with assault and battery and assualt and battery on a pregnant person.

Scott A. Massa, 38, Adams Street, Fall River, charged with attaching plates, uninsured motor vehicle, unregistered motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle after suspension of license

John Michael Dacosta, 27, 188 Palmer St., Fall River, charged with driving after revocation of license.

Scott D. True, 47, 2743 Riverside Ave., charged with operating a motor vehicle after suspension of license, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

Michael Dolan, 22, 38 Thomas Road, Berkley, charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and a marked lanes violation.

Sarah J. Charest, 27, 67 Dunham St., Attleboro, charged with domestic assault and battery.

Jason L. Moniz, 35, 2980 Riverside Ave., charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault and battery.

Steven Desrosiers, 51, 534 Buffington St., Somerset, charged with open and gross lewdness.

William J. Mahoney, 28, 54 Waltham Circle, West Yarmouth, charged with possession of a Class A drug.

Aaron R. Pavao, 25, 118 Bayview Ave., second floor, charged with disorderly conduct and threatening to commit a crime.

Michael Wahl, 18, 55 Rueben St., No. 3, Fall River, charged with shoplifting.

Vasco M. Leite, 46, 84 Ridgeline Drive, charged with two counts of domestic assault and battery.

Joseph A. Sarkes, 20, Acushnet, charged with OUI-drugs, OUI-liquor, operating a motor vehicle to endanger,

Nikos Pavlis, 17, 129 Plymouth Blvd., charged with disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest.

16-year-old juvenile, charged with failure to stop for police, negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
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