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Posted Nov 07, 2008 @ 07:38 PM

Fall River -
The following dispositions were recorded in District Court:

Victor M. Vieira, 25, 62 Smith St., disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest, continued a year without findings.

Jesse Motta, 62, Middleboro, driving with suspended license, to be dismissed, $100 court costs; failing to stop/yield, not responsible.

Keri K. Askren, 45, Barnaby Street, assault and attempting to commit a crime, 18 months pretrial probation; wanton destruction of property and three counts of trespassing, dismissed at request of commonwealth; assault with a dangerous weapon, dismissed.

Joann Amaral, 43, 35 Holly Lane, Westport, negligent driving, dismissed, $100 court costs; seat belt violation, not responsible.

Keith J. Churchfield, 20, Seekonk, driving with suspended registration, to be dismissed, $100 court costs.

In jury of six session:

Michael Duarte, 33, 70 North St., New Bedford, assault, continued nine months without a finding, $500 court costs; trespassing with motor vehicle, responsible, filed; number plate violation, filed; unsafe operation of snow/recreational vehicle and snow/recreational vehicle failing to stop for police, not responsible.
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