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Herald News Staff
Posted Jul 26, 2008 @ 11:59 PM

FALL RIVER - The following dispositions were recorded in District Court:

Christopher Brandao, 21, 1570 Robeson St., failure to stop/yield, motor vehicle not meeting safety standards, not responsible; unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, dismissed upon payment of court costs

Richard Kimpel, 59, 87 Pine St., Swansea, driving under influence of liquor, one year probation, alcohol program, 45-day license loss; negligent operation, continued a year without a finding; marked lanes violation, not responsible.

Joseph Andrade, 59, 837 Second St., driving under influence of liquor - fifth offense, 2 ½ years in house of correction; driving after license suspended for drunken driving, 2 ½-year term, suspended with three years probation, to run from and after other sentence; operating uninsured motor vehicle, concurrent one-year term; reckless driving and number plate violation, guilty, filed; possession of open container of alcohol in motor vehicle, operating unregistered motor vehicle and marked lanes violation, responsible, filed.

In jury of six session:

Christopher Gray, 30, 68 Manton St., sex offender failing to register, two years in house of correction, suspended with two years probation.

Ryan Volton, 26, 119 Tremont St., assault and battery, 2 ½ years in house of correction - one year to serve - rest suspended with three years probation.

Jose E. Medeiros, 33, 133 Blackstone St., burning property and assault and battery, one year probation; burning property, nol prossed.

Shawn Levesque, 25, 455 Coggeshall St., disturbing the peace, dismissed at request of commonwealth; disorderly conduct, to be dismissed, $100 court costs.

Ryan Arruda, 22, 225 Almond St., malicious destruction to property less than $250, continued six months without a finding, $71 restitution.

Alec Medeiros, 20, 39 Reservoir Ave., Swansea, disorderly conduct and malicious damage to motor vehicle, dismissed, $60 restitution; assault, dismissed at request of victim.

Timothy Barrette, 19, 499 Maple St., assault and battery, continued a year without a finding; simple assault, dimissed at request of commonwealth.

Wayne Sanford, 31, 262 Wilbur St., threatening to commit a crime, two months probation; intimidating a witness, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and unarmed burglary and assault, dismissed.

Matthew Sullivan, 42, 2809 Highland Ave., assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and larceny from a person, dismissed for failure to prosecute.

Eduardo J. Cabral, 39, 100 Bowen St., driving under influence of liquor - second offense, six months in house of correction, suspended with 18 months probation, 14-day inpatient alcohol program; negligent operation, 18 months probation.
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