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From The Boston Herald, 05/11/04:

Trash may fit counterfeit bill
By Jessica Heslam
Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Authorities found paper in a dorm room trash can that might have been used to make the counterfeit cash three Mount Ida College students tried to use at a Newton McDonald's over the weekend.

One of the busted students told the cops he had gotten ``change'' from a person living in the dorm room, authorities said. Police and the U.S. Secret Service are investigating where the funny money came from and whether the college is connected.

The bogus bills first surfaced at McDonald's on Needham Street Wednesday when employees discovered four counterfeit $20s, police said.

In two separate incidents on Saturday, three college students were arrested after trying to use fake $5 and $20 bills to buy fast food at the same restaurant.

Keen-eyed employees swiped the suspicious bills with a pen that can detect counterfeit currency, officials said.

Mount Ida spokesman Philip Conroy said there's ``no evidence'' that the fake money originated at the school. But Conroy said there's a large design school on the grounds and it's not unusual to have ``exotic'' papers on campus.

``We're cooperating with law enforcement officials,'' Conroy said.

Rafael Gomez, 20, of Lynn, Calvin Conyers, 21, of New Jersey, and Alexander Soden, 18, of New York City were arraigned yesterday in Newton District Court on charges of uttering false notes.

``I'm innocent,'' Gomez said.
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