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Fake dispatcher had firefighting aspirations, documents say

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    BANTAM, CT (WFSB) -​

    A man suspected of impersonating a dispatcher and canceling real emergency calls in Litchfield County had dreams of becoming a firefighter.
    Court documents related to 35-year-old Adam Perrelli's case were released.
    Police said his conversations with emergency dispatchers sounded real. Over roughly a two-week period, he's accused of sending first responders to bogus calls.
    Perrelli faced a judge in Bantam Monday, when he had little to say.
    However, investigators said he admitted to voicing the calls in a recent interview.
    "We just had a walk-in medical ... can you dispatch a medic and an ambulance to this location please for an abdominal injury?" Perrelli asked during one of the calls.
    "Roger. Male or female?" responded the dispatcher. "And you need a charlie or a delta response?"
    "Charlie response," Perrelli said.
    Eyewitness News obtained the arrest affidavit.
    In it, investigators said Perrelli claimed he was "intoxicated at the time" of the first radio transmission.
    Using a transceiver radio, police said he was able to do it eight other times over the course of a month.
    Eyewitness News learned in court Monday that in 1999, Perrelli was hired by the fire department in Clinton. However, he did not make it through his six-month probationary period because of an altercation with another employee.
    Last June, officials said he applied to become a firefighter in Barrington, MA. Six months after that, he was denied. The fire chief later told investigators that he was concerned about Perrelli's behavior.
    "Perrelli had taken it upon himself to videotape the Great Barrington Fire engines while en route to calls for service as well as videotape active fire incidents on scene and post them to his Facebook and YouTube websites," the chief said.
    When police searched his Massachusetts home, they said they found a scanner with two pages of radio frequencies. Those frequencies including ones from Litchfield County.
    A search of his car revealed a loud speaker, a radio with a microphone and a strobe light.
    Perrelli faced a number of charges, including reckless endangerment in the first degree.
    He's due back in court on April 30.
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