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WICKID STUPID...... (however some of us might know individuals who may or may not have tendencies to do this....)


Phony Deputy Nabbed After Seeking Backup
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - A 22-year-old man was charged with impersonating a sheriff's deputy after he pulled over a pickup truck and then called for assistance when the occupants fled.

It appeared that Jeremy Lepianka of Syracuse had been posing as a Onondaga County Sheriff's deputy for about two years and had stopped motorists - and lectured them - on other occasions, police said.

``He told investigators he had been working as a volunteer deputy for about two years. He said traffic violations were his main thing. Hopefully, it didn't go beyond that,'' Lt. Joe Cecile, a Syracuse police spokesman, said Monday.

Lepianka was arraigned Sunday on charges of impersonating a police officer, a felony, and two misdemeanors: criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a noxious substance, pepper spray. He was being held Monday on $5,000 bail or bond.

City and county authorities were investigating the case to determine how extensive Lepianka's masquerade was. Cecile said authorities had circulated a photograph of Lepianka and expected calls from motorists who had been pulled over by him.

``We've never seen anything to this extent. It's one thing to pretend ... but when you call for backup. He had to know he was going to get caught,'' Cecile said.

09/30/03 20:53

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Im an officer in syracuse. I will tell you the story. He had a uniform from being a mall security guard. He got a sherrifs patch online. Still dont know where he got his duty belt from. His girlfriend even believed that he was a cop. He was driving on the north side of the city when he seen a suspected stolen car. He did not have a crown vic. He had a green dodge dakota with visor strobes. He attempted to pull the car over, and surprise surprise- The guys jumped out and ran. He chased down the driver and while in pursuit, was on his cell phone telling them he was an off duty sheriffs deputy. They relayed the info to us as a 10-13. I dont know about you guys but if you hear about an off duty unarmed colleague in a potentially dangerous situation, you are really gonna step it up. 10-13 brings any avail in a 10 mile radius- no matter the agency- to the area. I was driving my traffic unit (we dont have areas The whole city is ours :D ) when i got the call. Remember doing about 110 to get there and officers was taking the perp in custody. We began talking to what we thought was a deputy and he was using his 10 codes like he was a cop. But that raised flags. When we talk amoungst ourselves- unless precious ears are around- we dont speak in 10 codes usually. He then gave us his name and we took down his licence number and the naxt day went to the sherrifs department to notify his captain of the events that took place. That is when we discovered he was not a deputy and we went to his house to question him. he told us his deal and while taking him out his house in cuffs, his girl friend sluggs him. He has been telling her he was a sheriff for the past 2 years. She was upset for a lack of better words.
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