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Ok, I was going to put this in another thread, but I couldn't figure out where it fit. Here's just a little sample of why "F-Troop" (not the one at the Airport) was such a great show. Even though these clips never made it on the air, it's STILL typical of how great this show was. To prove it was an amazingly funny and brilliantly written show, the morons at the network cancelled it after two seasons. How many great shows have been tossed into the waste bin due to idiot TV executives, which in my opinion is MOST of them.

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I agree Kilv, this was a funny show back when I watched it as a kid. It's would probably be even more funnier now that I would get more of the comedy as an adult.
Loved that show! I used to watch it before school every day.
You Tube has F-Troop Quotes; a whole boatload. I sat last night for about 45 minutes laughing my ass off. I would have kept going, but I would have kept the family awake.
Some more great F-Troop quotes:
"You can't park here while waiting to pick someone up'
"Move it along"
"I don't care if they're right there walking towards the car, drive all the way around again"
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