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F.O.P Partners with Calibre Press

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Fraternal Order of Police Partners with Calibre Press Street Survival® Seminars

Calibre Press Inc, a division of PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning, announced today that the national Fraternal Order of Police organization has signed an agreement with the law enforcement training leader to endorse and promote Calibre's Street Survival® Tactical Edge® seminars throughout its 2,100 U.S. state lodges.

According to Chuck Canterbury, president of the 320,000-member union, "Our partnership with Calibre Press will provide significant benefits to our members, such as helping them stay safe. It will also promote our organization's significant, positive impact to officers throughout the country who may not be familiar with the many services our union and Calibre provide. Most importantly, our men and women of law enforcement will benefit from what they learn through Calibre's Street Survival seminars."

The FOP is the "union voice" in law enforcement, and a partnership is critical to our goal of reaching as many officers in the law enforcement community as possible. We are passionate about our commitment to keep law enforcement officers safe. We teach officers not only to survive, but also to win confrontations and remain strong and healthy throughout their law enforcement careers. Our objective is to provide the most informative and motivational survival training experience available to the law enforcement community," said Melissa Hendrick, general manager of Calibre Press.

Calibre's Street Survival seminars cover critical tactical situations to improve officer risk awareness and demonstrate with specific examples how to counter aggressive actions by suspects. Not for the squeamish stomach, each two- or three-day seminar is an intense mix of photographs, videos and audiotapes of real incidents, which are critiqued and analyzed in detail. This unique needs-based training is presented by veteran police officers and the industry's leading trainers. The seminars, which are fast-paced and high-impact, utilize the timeliest video footage and depict law enforcement personnel in dangerous situations or being injured. The designed intent and reputation is to help police personnel stay alive throughout their careers regardless of assignment or incident.

Canterbury concluded, "With an average of more than 150 officers killed in the line of duty, and upwards of twenty-thousand more seriously injured every year, we must provide advanced skills that help our officers develop a survivor's mindset to reduce the rate of death and injury. We look forward to being able to offer this new partnership to our members and are especially pleased to work with an organization is as high quality and committed as Calibre Press."

The website addresses for the two organizations are and Applicants must be a sworn law enforcement officer to access the Calibre Press site and sign up to receive the e-mail Newsline, which provides a broad spectrum of the latest news stories on law enforcement developments. Once registered, applicants will be issued a user ID and password.
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