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Eye In Sky Catches School Vandals Red-Handed

More Schools Using Cameras To Fight, Deter Crime

MARSHFIELD, Mass. -- More Bay State school districts are arming themselves with equipment designed to curb crime on school grounds.

NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda reported that new surveillance cameras in the southeastern Massachusetts town of Marshfield have already caught teenage thieves in the act.

"They look like lamps, but they are actually surveillance cameras," said Marshfield police Officer Bob Quigley.

Quigley is talking about a camera that overlooks the Marshfield High School student parking lot. It took photos of three out-of-town teenagers breaking into a car on Oct. 5.

The photos taken from the surveillance video led police to the suspect's distinctive blue pickup truck, with a dent on the right front side. Police said the video showed the driver in a orange shirt and two others stealing $1,000 worth of speakers from a student's car.

Quigley said if they did not have the cameras, they probably would not have been able to solve the case.

The Furnace Brook Middle School has a dozen cameras recording everything that happens in and around its property at all times. In the front office, a monitor constantly revolves the camera images. Officials said it is an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars made by all of Marshfield's schools focusing on safety of students and property.

"Even when the school is not populated during the evening, vandalism and so forth are all very common. This way, we at least have a chance to find out who is responsible -- and also to use as a deterrent," said Al Makein, of the Furnace Brook Middle School.

"It's a very violent world out there. We have to be aware of our surroundings, and anything we can use as a precaution for safety, especially with the technology we have, we have to try and use it," Quigley said.

As good as the system is, Marshfield officials hope to expand it with more cameras and eventually a direct transmission to the police department.
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