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(WMC-TV) - An extreme couponer claims she was attacked at a dollar store when she said the manager refused to honor her coupons. The entire ordeal was caught on camera.
The sign at the store states coupons are accepted at Dollar Tree but a shopper is now nursing a busted lip and popped blood vessels in her eye after she says the manager refused to deal with her "wad of coupons". She said she was attacked while leaving the store.
Missy Monzo-Marte says she was shopping at the Dollar Tree in Germantown with a friend, both of whom belong to the DeSoto County Coupon Club.
Jennifer Hill says they had a similar run in with the same manager last week. Now, they want answers from corporate.
"The only purpose for hitting record was so when Dollar Tree called me back I had proof of how we were treated in the store," said Hill.
But instead, hitting record caught the alleged attack on camera and led to Germantown police citing employee Shauna Shipman with misdemeanor assault.
No one from Dollar Tree returned Action News 5's calls.
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