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Extra Territorial Arrest Powers

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Looking for dept name and any details on college/university PD's (in Mass) with officers cross sworn as deputy sheriffs or town specials, etc.... in addition to their SSPO powers?

Also depts with properties owned, leased or used sprawled throughout town where they are consistently finding officers in transit on public streets between properties and policy for extra territorial arrest.
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fscpd907 said:
Framingham State College Police Jurisdiction and Authority:

The Department handles all law enforcement duties in conjunction with the campus and also patrols the streets and areas contiguous to the College, traveled by students and faculty to and from the campus to area parking lots and public transportation locations. Sworn members of the department are employed by Framingham State College and serve the institution as police officers.

It is not the policy of the agency to infringe upon the primary responsibility of other agencies including the Framingham Police Department and Massachusetts State Police in areas not owned, used or occupied by the College. However, officers maintain a close working relationship with those agencies and cooperate routinely on police responses in the area.

Sworn police officers of the Department are sworn in by the the Massachusetts State Police as Special State Police Officers granting the "same power to make arrests as regular police officers for any criminal offense committed in or upon lands or structures owned, used or occupied by such college…" Subsequent to their appointment, officers are also sworn in as deputy sheriffs of Middlesex County, allowing the officers to perform police functions on the public ways of the county. Officers are also charged with the duty of performing parking enforcement on the campus property, as well as the Town of Framingham public ways.

The department enjoys a close working relationship with the Framingham Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office and District Court officials, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office and several other city and town agencies on court proceedings, investigations and matters pertaining to more than one agency of the Commonwealth or a surrounding municipal authority.
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Bridgewater State College PD full time officers are sworn throughout the property of the college via MGL 15A/22, 73/18, 22C/63 as well as Special Police Officers for the town of Bridgewater, MA. Members of the command staff are also sworn Plymouth County Deputy Sheriffs.
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