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Authorities say the offer sounded simple but chilling.
"She was driving on a revoked license, and he made a deal that he wouldn't arrest her if she did the evil deed for him," LaFollette Police Chief Ben Baird said. "He told her she had to have sex with him, and he'd let her go. I guess the arrest went the other way."
Jeremy S. Cross turned himself in Tuesday to face charges of raping a woman at gunpoint during a traffic stop.
A Campbell County grand jury indicted Cross, a former LaFollette police officer, last week on charges of aggravated rape, official oppression and two counts of official misconduct.
Cross had worked for the department for about three years when he pulled the woman's car over July 5 on North Tennessee Avenue, Baird said.
Authorities said Cross forced the woman to have sex with him behind some warehouses on nearby Howard Armstrong Lane under threat of arrest if she refused.
"There was a patrol rifle in the seat, and he would have been carrying his service weapon," the chief said. "He apparently cut his (incruiser video) camera off, which is a violation of our rules and regulations."
Baird said he called in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation the same day he learned of the woman's complaint.
"It happened on a Friday," the chief said. "She filed her complaint on Monday around 2 p.m. By 4 p.m., we had the TBI investigating."
He said he didn't know whether TBI agents recovered DNA evidence from either car.
Cross resigned soon after the investigation began. He'd previously worked as a deputy in neighboring Scott County and had no history of discipline problems other than a few minor write-ups for such offenses as showing up late for court, the chief said.
"I'm going to send a message to everybody that I don't tolerate this sort of behavior from anybody. It's a stain on everybody who wears a badge up here.
"We have 20 other people in this department, and most everybody here is very professional. If they're not, I don't keep them long."
Cross remains free on $50,000 bond.
He could make his first court appearance Sept. 8.

Story From: Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee)
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