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By GateHouse News Service with Herald News Reports
GateHouse News Service
Posted Sep 03, 2008 @ 07:37 PM

Brockton -
A former Fall River resident praised eight months ago for helping to save a choking infant now faces charges he made a hoax phone call to police, claiming there was a body on Reservoir Street.
Phillip Daggett, 29, of 40 Reservoir St., Brockton, will be summoned to appear in court to face two counts of filing a false crime report, Police Chief William Conlon said.
The charges come after authorities received a cell phone call around 7:45 p.m. from a man claiming to be a police officer, saying he found a dead gunshot victim behind 40 Reservoir St. while walking his dog, the chief said.
"He said he was an off-duty police officer, he didn't have a radio on him and that his cell phone was losing its power," Conlon said.
The caller said the dead man appeared to be in his 20s and "suffered a GSW. That's a gunshot wound. He didn't say gunshot wound. He said GSW," Conlon said. "Then the line went dead."
Police went to the scene, called for a police dog specially trained to find bodies and began to search the dark area, Conlon said.
"They called for lights to light the area to search," Conlon said. "A lot of resources were being used up needlessly."
Investigators were able to trace the cell phone number to a person on Reservoir Street, went to the house and saw a man on the balcony, watching the police search, Conlon said.
Inside the house, authorities found a police scanner on a table in the living room and found a cell phone with a recent call to the state police on it, Conlon said.
The call reporting there was a body on Reservoir Street was initially made to the state police, then transferred to Brockton police, the chief said.
Daggett has been in the news repeatedly in recent years.
In 2006, he was a bartender the night a man armed with a gun and hatchet came into the New Bedford gay bar, Puzzles, and attacked several people.
Later that year, Daggett alleged that he received a cocaine-laced taco from a Fall River Taco Bell.
Following their initial investigation police shifted their focus to Daggett after detectives determined no one at Taco Bell was involved in any wrong doing. Police said Daggett refused to cooperate with them as the investigation continued. It is unknown if he was ever charged for the Taco Bell matter.
In January of this year, he said he saved an infant who had swallowed a small light bulb. At the time, he said he was driving in Brockton when he saw a car blocking an intersection and saw two people get out. One man reached into the car, pulled the infant from the back seat, then the woman grabbed the child and tried to put a finger in the baby's mouth, he said at the time.
Daggett said he then took the baby, did the Heimlich maneuver and a small light bulb popped out.
Other motorists stopped at the scene to help, including Fred Lavigne of Brockton, who was behind the vehicle and called 911 for help.
Lavigne, in an interview after the incident, said he told the father they needed to lay the child down and he then opened the hatch of his SUV to place the child flat.
Lavigne said a man then walked over and said he was an EMT. They handed the child over, then paramedics arrived and took the baby from that man.
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