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Ex allegedly plotted against hubby's nose

A New York man claims a former friend attempted to obtain hired muscle to break her ex-husband's nose.

Hugo Gomez says Brazilian dancer Mariliza Cotoulas asked him to hire two men to break the nose of her ex, computer salesman Vassili Cotoulas, 46, "because his appearance mattered so much to him," the New York Post reported Monday.

"She asked me how much it would take to beat ... him," Gomez said.
Vassili Cotoulas told the newspaper "she wanted to break my nose ... because of my plastic surgery."

However, he claims she did not want her hired thugs to stop with his nose. "She wanted to have me put in a coma, or a wheelchair," he said.

Mariliza Cotoulas was arrested on suspicion of criminal solicitation and other charges.
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