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Ever witness a funny pull-over?

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I was leaving my house the other night and I get to the stop sign at
the end of my street, no big deal.

I slow down put my left turn signal on, STOP and then when the coast
was clear I took my left.

As I look in my rear view I see this stupid ricer blow through the
stop sign taking a right with no blinker on.

Then I laugh as my Town Police car snaps on his blue lights and pulls
him over. He was sitting in the parking lot across the street from
that intersection. Too Funny ! ! !


Do you guys have any funny stories ?
Post em here ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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A few weeks ago I was in fairly thick traffic on 128 South near the Rt. 20 exit. In my rear view I see some jerk in a Jeep Cherokee come flying up the breakdown lane. :up:

:sb: Before I could even finish my rant about .."this is why we need more Troopers" the flashing of blue lights in my rear view catches my eye. Low and behold, there came a Trooper making his way across the lanes and into the breakdown lane. Once he reached the breakdown lane, he stands on it and passes me doing about 70. =D>

A few minutes later I pass the MSP cruiser with aforementioned jerk in the Cherokee pulled over, and clearly reading him the riot act!

It was a good day! :D

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