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Ever witness a funny pull-over?

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I was leaving my house the other night and I get to the stop sign at
the end of my street, no big deal.

I slow down put my left turn signal on, STOP and then when the coast
was clear I took my left.

As I look in my rear view I see this stupid ricer blow through the
stop sign taking a right with no blinker on.

Then I laugh as my Town Police car snaps on his blue lights and pulls
him over. He was sitting in the parking lot across the street from
that intersection. Too Funny ! ! !


Do you guys have any funny stories ?
Post em here ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Jenny09 Wrote:
I didn't have my cell phone on me so I can't say I could have called the MSP. Maybe someone else did, it's not really my problem.
There you go Jenny... are you really looking for a career in L.E.?? Because I can already tell you, you don't have what it takes. If everyone thinks like that, many criminals would not get caught. Many scumbags get locked up because people make the call to a PD..not because
it's not really my problem

You have the same unappreciative shitty attitude as citizens that complain about Police. Obviously you don't care about the public safety at large. You don't belong in LE...or a Fire Dept..or even a EMT... you obviously just don't care. You think it would have been hilarious if that guy got killed or killed an innocent family, huh? You are not right, not right at all. Seek help. :evil:
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