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Ever witness a funny pull-over?

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I was leaving my house the other night and I get to the stop sign at
the end of my street, no big deal.

I slow down put my left turn signal on, STOP and then when the coast
was clear I took my left.

As I look in my rear view I see this stupid ricer blow through the
stop sign taking a right with no blinker on.

Then I laugh as my Town Police car snaps on his blue lights and pulls
him over. He was sitting in the parking lot across the street from
that intersection. Too Funny ! ! !


Do you guys have any funny stories ?
Post em here ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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"Police Boat stops vehicle on highway!" :A!:

We were trailering our boat to a marina for some maintenance work, sitting in traffic as usual. What else is there to do on Cape Cod in the summer? In true fashion, a real winner decided that he did not need to wait traffic and he would instead come flying up the breakdown lane. I was in the passenger seat and saw the guy flying up in the rear view mirror. I stuck my head out the window and motioned for him to stop and get back into traffic. I guess he caught wind of the three foor high letters on the boat that say "POLICE." I would have love to have seen the dispatchers faces if we had called in and stated we had a vehicle stopped on RTE 132! :rock:
Yeah that's hilarious... :A!: :HS: Perhaps a call to the MSP was in order there. :ermm:
it's not really my problem.
If a member of YOUR family got killed because of this nut, would it have been your problem? I'm with RPD on this one. Its sounds harsh, but your attitude of 'let someone else do it' and 'it's someone else's problem' has no place in law enforcement. In fact it illustrates a very immature attitude. That's just my 2cents.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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