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The police profession offers benefits, varied work assignments and unlimited opportunity. It takes you out in the community to meet people and resolve real world problems. You see tangible results and build a set of problem solving skills you can take anywhere. An Erie Police Officer is a multifaceted individual with extensive training in community affairs, crime prevention, investigation, narcotics enforcement, and youth relations. Many of our officers become specialists in Traffic Enforcement, Emergency Services, Crime Scene Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Drug Enforcement, and much more.

There has never been a better time to join the EPD. The Department is modernizing, improving technology, & updating training.

Every police executive started as a police officer. Police officers develop expertise in everything from computers to community organization. You can go as far as your energy and determination will take you.


Must have attained twenty-one (21) years of age on or before the date of appointment. (Maximum age limit is 65 years old).Must be a high school graduate or have attained the equivalent thereof (G.E.D. Certificate).Must posses a current Driver's License.Need not be a resident of the City of Erie, but must be able to move within a fifteen (15) mile radius of the City of Erie; time will be allotted for the applicant to do so.Shall be in every way physically qualified to sustain the labors and exposures of the position.Must possess a current, valid Driver's LicenseMust be Act 120 certified at time of hireMust pass background and credit checks
A fifty dollar ($50) check or money order made payable to: "City Of Erie Civil Service Board"

Training is provided.Current work schedule is 4 days on, 2 days off with 8 ½ hour shifts. Shifts rotate monthly.New hires start at $27,011. Scheduled pay increases occur at 18 and 36 months, at which time the salary is $45,019. A longevity increment will be applied to the annual base salary starting in year 5.13 paid holidays, including two personal days and the officer's birthday.Vacation time after one year of service, increasing incrementally with service.15 sick leave days per year after six month's service.Medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage is provided for the employee & family at no premium.Life insurance is also provided with double indemnity for accidental death.Any officer with twelve years of service shall be vested for pension rights.457b/40l(a) plans available.
Clothing & uniform allowance

The City of Erie Civil Service Board offers applications and testing for the position of police officer during a limited publicized period every even-numbered year.
For this testing period only all applicants will be permitted to test without previously being Act 120 certified. From this process, a list will be made of the names of all those applicants having passed the required examinations and will indicate by their order the percentage achieved from the highest down.

To be included on the list, the applicant must pass the physical ability test.

The successful applicant then must score at least 75% on the written exam. Oral testing will be 30% of the test score. Veterans with long form DD-214, will receive 10 extra points, if they pass the written exam. If two or more candidates achieve the same ranking, a lottery shall be held. Each applicant will be notified of his or her position on the list. At time of hire, the applicant must pass the physical ability test. The physical ability test will be pass or fail; consisting of running a timed 1.5 mile, a timed 300 meter dash, the number of sit ups during a one minute session and bench presses.As vacancies exist at the City Of Erie Bureau Of Police, they shall be filled according to the order of eligibles on the aforementioned list. The number of names taken from the list will be independent on the number of vacancies. These names will be nominated to the City Council for appointment only after clearing a physical, psychological, polygraph and/or computer voice stress analysis and a background investigation.The list shall be effective for two (2) years ending on August 31st, 2006. Any vacancy existing prior to the exhaustion or expiration of an eligibility list must be filled from that list.

Applications may be picked-up

8:30 AM - 4:00 PMHuman Resources Office - Room 300
Erie City Hall, 626 State St., Erie, PA 16501
Notarized applications must be returned

with a fifty dollar check
made payable to "City of Erie Civil Service Board"
No later than Friday, September 3rd, at 4 PM
Human Resources Office - Room 300
Erie City Hall, 626 State St., Erie, PA 16501
Written Exam will be held

September 18, 20049:00 AMCentral High School Cafeteria
3325 Cherry Street, Erie, PA
Photo ID must be presented
Oral Examination will be held

In October, 2004
Exact time, date & location to be announced
Physical Ability Test

Will be administered at time of hire
Test will be pass/fail

Lt. Jack Hines, Police Recruitment Officer
[email protected]
(814) 870-1556 (phone)
(814) 451-0882 (fax)

Joella D'Andrea
[email protected]
(814) 870-1575 (phone)

Daniel G. Tempestini, Chairperson, Erie Civil Service Commission

Andrea Hoffman, Human Resources Manager
[email protected]
(814) 870-1244 (phone)
(814) 870-1386 (fax)
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