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A POLICE dog was hailed a hero yesterday after saving a fleeing thief from being swept away by a river.
Glen Lyon, 25, ran from police after he was spotted climbing over a fence into two gardens.
He was seen by an off-duty police officer who managed to grab him and call for help.
But Lyon wriggled out of his top and dived into Aberdeen's River Don - where he was caught in the strong tidal current.
Luckily, a police dog and a WPC leapt into the water and dragged him out.
At Aberdeen sheriff court yesterday, his solicitor, Mike Munro, praised the dog. He said: "The police dog and a pretty brave officer saved him from a very precarious situation."
Lyon, of Peterculter, earlier pleaded guilty to intent to steal and attempting to pervert the course of justice in the city's Bridge ofDon area on July 23.
Sheriff George Jamieson ordered him to be of good behaviour for four months.
Earlier this year, Lyon was given 18 months' probation and 180 hours' community service after admitting robbing pensioners' homes whilethey were gardening.
Bizarrely, Grampian Police refused to name the dog for "operational reasons".
They added: "If the name becomes known, someone may divert the dog's attention during an operation."

Story From: The Mirror (London, England)
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