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EMT Training/Test/Process for reciprocity

Discussion in 'Training' started by VTCOP, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. VTCOP

    VTCOP Subscribing Member

    I am currently an NR-EMTB in Vermont. Moving to mass in the next few months, and looking at transferring my EMTB. Any idea on the process. Also, any Ambulance services in or near middleborough hiring???
  2. rocksy1826

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    Mass is a real pain in the ass to transfer to. I have a medic friend that just did it. You have to do all your written and practicals again as a medic and bend over backwards proving you went to a program they think is good enough.

    as an EMT-B? They're likely to make you do the whole program again. I know a few that's happened to
  3. 209

    209 MassCops Member

    I did it from NY, wasnt that bad for me. Only had to take the written, no practical. As long as your Cert. is current. Also you will need. CPR for professional rescuer or for healthcare provider. I had Adams Ambulance do the CPR cert. for me.

    Cost $150 to Mass OEMS for EMT-B cert. and $40 for the test, which is on a computer.

    Russ Johansen is the person you need to talk to. He really helped me out a lot.
    If you have feedback or questions concerning the OEMS Website, you may email Russell Johansen at [email protected] or telephone him at (617) 753-7300.

    Heres the website with the paperwork you will need.

    Good luck its not that bad.
  4. VTCOP

    VTCOP Subscribing Member

    Thanks for all the info! Merry X-mas!!!
  5. mopar6972

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