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EMT-B certification

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I dont know if anyone is familiar with the new system of OEMS EMT testing, but I'm getting the complete run-around from these guys. :x I took the course and originally took the tests under the old system, where you took the written test, then the practical next day, at which point you wait 7 years to find out how you did.
After failing the written by 1 point, I reapplied to take it again. BUT...they had just switched to a new computerized testing system. Now they're saying I have to wait till they hold the written under the old way, which they dont do anymore!!! Its all computerized.
They said there is no way I can take the stupid written under the new method, even though there is no difference other than a computerized test. AHHH!!! I hate OEMS :?

Anyone else having this problem?
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misshotcopbluepants said:
Just a note on the EMT-B also to be considered,
there is really no National cert anymore, you can be nationally certified to save your butt, however if you relocate to another state you must pay again and challenge the test in that State. At least you won't be required to sit through the HOURS of intense classroom time :shock:
Are you sure about this? I'll check my source, but I believe several states (specifically NJ) now use ONLY the National Cert. exam as their method of certification for EMTs. I think Maine is the same.

tomahawk said:
Mikey, welcome to the realization that many of us who are or are almost EMT's in Massachusetts have already had - OEMS SUCKS!

It's 6 people sitting in cubicles next to each other. When you call, you would think it was some monstrous corporation with all of the phone transfers and long hold times. In reality, they just stand up, holler over the cubicle wall, and then go back to their solitaire game... :up:

Good luck with it. Hopefully once you get certified you do not have to talk to them anymore!

OEMS??? :uc:

I'm trying to think of a word that is vile enough to describe that group. Can someone please help? :p

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