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EMT-B certification

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I dont know if anyone is familiar with the new system of OEMS EMT testing, but I'm getting the complete run-around from these guys. :x I took the course and originally took the tests under the old system, where you took the written test, then the practical next day, at which point you wait 7 years to find out how you did.
After failing the written by 1 point, I reapplied to take it again. BUT...they had just switched to a new computerized testing system. Now they're saying I have to wait till they hold the written under the old way, which they dont do anymore!!! Its all computerized.
They said there is no way I can take the stupid written under the new method, even though there is no difference other than a computerized test. AHHH!!! I hate OEMS :?

Anyone else having this problem?
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I called OEMS to ask if I could just be mailed that peice of paper that would let me just to go the "Promissor" testing site to take the written the new way. Since I already passed the practical exam, wouldnt it seem simple to just have them mail me that letter to give to Promissor?
Noooooo they cant do that, "transfering from the old system to the new system is not possible"
Yeah, that was reminder of what state I live in. Since my one year limit is up next month, and my name has been sitting on the retest list, I will just appeal the expiration when it comes. I am so burned out with dealing with OEMS that I dont even care if I get my cert or not. I'm a happy little first responder :wink:
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