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EMT-B certification

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I dont know if anyone is familiar with the new system of OEMS EMT testing, but I'm getting the complete run-around from these guys. :x I took the course and originally took the tests under the old system, where you took the written test, then the practical next day, at which point you wait 7 years to find out how you did.
After failing the written by 1 point, I reapplied to take it again. BUT...they had just switched to a new computerized testing system. Now they're saying I have to wait till they hold the written under the old way, which they dont do anymore!!! Its all computerized.
They said there is no way I can take the stupid written under the new method, even though there is no difference other than a computerized test. AHHH!!! I hate OEMS :?

Anyone else having this problem?
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Your right misshotcop... Mass would never except anything. From the sounds of things Im glad I have never had to deal with OEMS yet... We finish up my class May 15 YAY.. its been long enough... just like misshotcop, I too will be taking my practical sometime in June wish I knew when.....hopefully with any luck I will be able to pass my first time around and not have to deal with OEMS any more than I have too. Got love Mass doubling all there fees :evil: $150, not knowing if you will definitely pass... just better make sure I study and do it the first time cause Im not here to make donations to the state... they get enough money from us with ever tax item the have here.
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