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Emergency lights

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Can anyone point me to the MGL ch/s in regards to the display and use of emergency lights such as red/clear/green on a non-police vehicle? Similarly does a permit need to be obtained if the user is a "private security" officer?
Thanks. :x
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I don't get it

OK my turn to chime in

How about headlight modulators on motorcycles? I got one one my bike and every time I ride by a brother in blue I find myself turning the modulator off. The modulators are DOT approved but I don't have the time to get pulled over and have to explain to the officer it's a safety feature and I am really not a big time sparky.

It's funny that if a a guy drives around with a tiny red or blue light on a valve stem or winshield wiper and an officer will chase him down like he just robbed the local bank. But, guys ride by all day on motorcycles with almost no helmet on and most officers hardly notice.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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