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Emergency lights

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Can anyone point me to the MGL ch/s in regards to the display and use of emergency lights such as red/clear/green on a non-police vehicle? Similarly does a permit need to be obtained if the user is a "private security" officer?
Thanks. :x
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Why did it blow your mind :?: Maybe he had the proper permit from his state. The guy was probably just visiting. NY plates, w/a blue light, and Volunteer Firefighter placard..... big deal. What concerns me is "private security" driving around with flashing colored lights, as posted in a previous question. What would be the reason for private security to use flashing lights. :-k Motor vehicle stops perhaps :-s Rapid response to emergency calls at high rate of speeds :-k

Nothing looks sharper than a private security cruiser driving around with green and white lights.
:lol: I've noticed that there have been many posts on people inquiring about "blue/red/green/white/amber flashing lights" on masscops. Somehow that topic always seems to be brought up, whether about someone volunteer ff with a light displayed on his dash, or someone who wants to put blue or green lights on their personal car or something. What is up with the fascination with flashing lights #-o If I saw some Volunteer FF or EMT with lights signs, stickers and antennas all over their car that might be the last vehicle on the road I'd be concerned about.

Just seems to me there is a big fascination with flashing/rotating lights on this board. :FT:
jsg2020 said:
Are you SURE it's just some volunteer FF? Or is it a nutjob who pulls over women and "searches" them? Or is it a freak that goes 100 mph to a minor accident without P/I? I've dealt with more than my share of volunteer FF/Police. Most of them are good guys who do a good job. Some are SCARY. If you see a guy driving around with red/blue lights displayed, it doesn't hurt to check them out.
jsg2020, I'm not saying DON't stop someone b/c of displaying a light. One can do thier job as they see fit for the circumstances, use your discretion. I can't say I have stopped anyone for displaying a light to date. If you want to stop every car with a light thats ones own discretion and all the power to ya. All the local fire guys in my town, half of them you know who they are, secondly most of those type of volunteer/call firefighters usually have stickers or plates on thier vehicles, usually from surrounding towns. I mean if I saw Job Blow fireman driving down the road in his Chevy Pickup with a fire sticker on it and a red light mounted on the dash, I can't say I would stop him because of that. If I knew there wasnt a fire in town and saw someone with a light cruising around town that would be a different story. You are also right, some of those guys are scary. They drive 100 mph, passing cars just to get to a non life threatening call. We've had our share of those people. And if you have someone with a light where something just doesnt look right then fine.
My only comment to this thread was that out of all the CMVIs that are there, the displaying a red light seems to always be a hot topic on this board. I would think that out of all the CMVIs this would be one that you deal with least. I'm just saying seems like there is alot of fascination with people who have a light or people who want to put lights on thier cars. It still is another tool we have to stop a mv, so I wouldn't say don't be concerned with someone with a light, you just use your own discretion. Its the wanna be cops out there who buy the used crown vics and cruise around with all sorts of lights and antennas that concern me.
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In regards to Hunter and jsg2020, I would agree with you guys. Those people who put all sorts of aftermarket lights and exhaust is running ramped. They are just screaming pull me over. Then they wonder why they get pulled over. If you want a car show car, put it in a car show, not the local highway. I see it all the time, usually a honda of some type, no front plate, huge/loud aftermarket exhaust, lowered, neon lights and tinted windows. If you don't want to get stopped, dont do things that will get you stopped. Common sense... but I know there isn't much common sense out there so I guess its excusable :) I always hear the excuse, "well it passed inspection". I know I am annoyed when I hear some car going down the road waking the whole neighborhood with an excessively loud exhaust. Who wants to listen to that, just because some kid thinks his car is cool. I find alot of people now who have a DVD player in thier car, up in the front drivers area, is that really necessary?
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yes those who find it necessary to drive with the DVD player had recieved the cite for their impeded operation. It seems to be the new "thing". I have written three people within two weeks for 90-13, to wit DVD. Apparently people find it necessary to watch DVDs while they drive down the road. :NO:
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