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Elephant herd make migration through hotel

'Hello, is that reception? The couple in the room next door are so noisy it
sounds like they've got a couple of elephants in there...'

'Well, sir, you won't believe this...'

It's not every day you see a wild elephant standing next to you at the
reception of a hotel.

But in the Mfuwe Lodge in the 9,500 sq km South Luangwa National Park
in Zambia, the sight of elephants strolling around the lobby is a regular

It was unwittingly built on the route to the herd's favourite mango trees
and the pachyderms have seen no reason to change the path trodden by
generations before them.

Andy Hogg, 44, director at Mfuwe Lodge, said the herd appears every
November as the mangoes ripen: 'This is a totally natural phenomenon,
the elephants come here of their own accord and it is certainly a rare but
magnificent sight.'

The herd is led to the lodge each day by the matriarch, Wonky Tusk.

'There is ten in that herd and it is only that herd that comes through. It is
a strange thing,' said Andy.

Guests are not allowed to get too close the beasts and there have been
no incidents yet.
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