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Electric Bicycle

Discussion in 'Vehicle Laws' started by Boxpun, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Boxpun

    Boxpun New Member

    Hi, I am looking to buy an electric bicycle to commute to work. I've tried to do some research online and getting mixed answers to the regulations around these bikes. mass.gov does not specify anything about e-bike and group them all under motorized bicycle which are gas engine moped. Federal law say that low-speed e-bike are considered bicycle that are 750 watt and top speed of 20 mph are considered bicycle and do not need to be registered with the RMV. My understanding is that you do not need to register them but need a driver's license to operate them if the state/federal laws overlap. I tried calling a bicycle shop and they told me you can go up to 28mph but you cannot have a throttle in MA but I could not find any information regarding that claim. If anyone know for sure if I can purchase these bikes without getting into trouble when I try to go on the road then please let me know. thank you.
  2. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    You don't have to worry about getting stopped for the next few months at least.
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  3. RegularMaJoe

    RegularMaJoe New Member

    I worked with 3 folk who all rode E bikes to work. They never had any issue. One was stop however for riding on a paved bike path by an officer on an E bike who said no E bikes alowed on bike paths as it has a motor(Not much crime one the bike path I think the officer was bored). From what they told me in MA you need to have pedal assist style and 28mph top speed. One of em had throttel but would just pedal for show and never had issue.

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