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Underwater bike ride to launch students' eight-week crime spree

Gerard Seenan
Saturday February 26, 2005
The Guardian,12271,1425731,00.html

A couple of students from Cornwall are intent on making American
criminal history by spending their summer breaking as many US laws as possible.

Starting in the liberal state of California, they hope to evade the attention of local police
officers when they ride a bike in a swimming pool and curse on a crazy-golf course

Underwater bike ride to launch students' eight-week crime spree

In the far more conservative - and landlocked - state of Utah, they will risk the penitentiary
when they hire a boat and attempt to go whale-hunting.

If they manage to outwit state troopers in Utah, and perhaps federal agents on their trail,
they will be able to take a deserved, but nevertheless illegal, rest when they have a nap
in a cheese factory in South Dakota.
"There are thousands of stupid laws in the United States, but we are limiting ourselves to
breaking about 45 of them," said Richard Smith, from Portreath, Cornwall.

The journey, which appropriately enough begins in Alcatraz, will cover around
18,000 miles and take eight weeks - provided, of course, that Mr Smith and his
accomplice, Luke Bateman, are not apprehended along the way.

Mr Smith got the idea for his transatlantic crime wave while playing a board game
called Balderdash with his 12-year-old neighbour. One of the game's questions asks
players to complete the phrase: "It is illegal in Florida for a widow to ... "

The answer is to parachute on a Sunday. However, as he is not female and has not lost
a husband, Mr Smith will be un able to pay homage to his inspiration. Still, there are
many more laws to choose from.

"I looked on various websites, one in particular called, and found
loads of stupid laws. Some of them there are outmoded reasons for, others just seem
to be ridiculous, like banning whale-hunting in a landlocked state," he said.

Mr Smith has made some preparations for his criminality - although he thinks the
cheese factory owner in South Dakota wasn't taking him entirely seriously - but in
other states he admits there will be difficulties in transgressing the law.

"Driving round the town square 100 times in Oxford, Mississippi, is going to take for
ever because there are no roundabouts," he said. "And I'm rubbish at walking on my
hands so crossing the street in Hartford, Connecticut, while walking on them is
going to be very difficult."

He is attempting to negotiate a book deal, which could help pay any fines he incurs.

you think they will get caught?? :roll: i wonder lol,12271,1425731,00.html
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